You thought I was kidding about the pizza maybe?? Fucktard trolls much?? Mods??? @minijefes (love u mommy + daddy) (at Harrisburg Pennsylavania)

Bonus family reunion tho!! Dad brought a jack & mom brought pizza :3 @minijefes (at Harrisburg Pennsylavania)

Welcome to harrisburg population flat tire @minijefes (at Harrisburg Pennsylavania)

Manned space flight? P deece I guess, whatever (at National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Smithsonian)

After party @jimmyeatworld @minijefes (at Newport Music Hall)

Outside the theater #beforeidie @minijefes (at Bogart’s)

Dude, where is my car. #latergram (at Tacopocalypse)

Biggest fan @minijefes #latergram (at InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza)

Now we’ve really made it, finally naked @minijefes #latergram (at The Ogden Theatre)

We are at a motel now but fuck yea to gnarboots and curious quail and the bottom of the hill for the show that could not end @minijefes (at Bottom of the Hill)

Long answer: yea @minijefes (at Motel 6)

Hm, dare we? @minijefes (at I 80)

Oh I forgot I met James Franco in Ventura last night! He’s a fan I think! @minijefes #latergram (at The Majestic Ventura Theater)

Day 3 of tour beard: status: I finally remembered to shave today : cool @minijefes (at Ace Of Spades)

Two minutes!!! Aaaaaaa @minijefes (at The Majestic Ventura Theater)